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The Return of “Juke Joints Jumpin’ “

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Juke Joint Drawings:

The drawings in this exhibition were sketched inside some of the various bars and pubs I played and drank in throughout my musical career in the Hammer aka Hamilton.  The Kenilworth House.  The Moosehead.   The International.  The Colonial.  Gliders.  All gone now except the Kenilworth.  And especially Kilroy’s (formerly the Park House and currently Rolle’s Rockets).  And some dance halls around town too. And more recently at Flyers / Readers Café in Dunnville.  I sketch with oil based china markers (similar to pastels) which can be smudged or made into washes with a bit of thinners. They are very compatible with oil paints which I also occasionally use.  Some sketches I complete on the spot but mostly I collect information and work on them as necessary at home.  And from the original sketches some have been turned into black and white woodcuts.

In late summer 2016 I was asked to exhibit the drawings at Arts Place Gallery, Port Colborne, ON.  It went over well and I sold a couple.  Here’s the local press about the show.

Written by Doug Carter

10/11/2016 at 11:20 am

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